"Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love" - Mother Teresa

Humanity is the most fundamental aspect of being human. Service to man is service to God, a great proverb, which determines the excellent manners
and behavior of the people among another. Thus, this is our small contibution towards the society thorugh our programs below.


A ray of light toward humanity

MAHADEEP is an initiative to create light for humanity. It is a movement to brighten the lives of those who are in real need of help.

Mahadeep is an initiative through which FirstBit Solutions connects itself to the well-being of humanity. The initiative reflects on the value systems and beliefs on which FirstBit Solutions laid its foundation.

Blood Donation Camp

An initiative under Mahadeep Yojana

While moving ahead in life and achieving life goals as an individual, we must understand that we are morally responsible for contributing to society.

FirstBit Solutions understands this responsibility well and arranges a blood donation camp under the “Mahadeep" Initiative in association with Jankalyan Blood Bank, where everyone can become a savior. It is a noble cause and a way to reciprocate to our community.


A step towards awakening

Jagruti is an initiative by FirstBit Solutions under Mahadeep Yojana for individuals to awaken and analyze their potential to excel in life by organizing different sessions and activities.

One such session we organised under Jagruti was “Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management for students by Mrs. Nutan Shete” at the FirstBit Solutions Head Office at FC Road Pune on 15 January, 2023 at 10 am.

This session covered in detail what mental health and stress is about, the causes of stress, how stress occurs in an individual's life at various stages and how it affects people's health and behavior.

While explaining stress and the importance of stress management in a straightforward way for students, the honorable speaker also focused on some easy tips to avoid and manage stress.

It was a great learning experience and an eye-opening session regarding stress and how to manage it.


Let the goodness of mankind win

FirstBit Solutions always promises to guide and hand hold their students for a lifetime through all good and difficult times and provide them training on different fronts of IT in their career.

In keeping with our value system of the well-being of humanity in mind, FirstBit Solutions started an initiative called "Sahayyam", where the students who were trained and placed through FirstBit Solutions get 2 credit points each. These credit points can be redeemed for themselves or recommend their friends or relatives for any future technology course in FirstBit Solutions. We do not charge them a single penny while everything from enrollment till placement course is completely free of cost.

Since one point is worth one technology course, Students can upgrade their skills to two technology courses by utilizing their two credit points and upgrade their career prospects or help someone else build their career.