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Best Python Classes in Pune with Placement 

What You’ll Learn From This Course

    About Python Classes in Pune

    Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It's high in demand because of its usability, compatibility and versatility. Learning Python can be a groundbreaking step in directing your future. Various top Python training centres in Pune offer numerous Python courses to help you learn Python development skills and excel in the field. 

    FirstBit Solutions is among the top Python training institutes in Pune. It offers conceptual and in-depth training courses focusing on every concept, making you command the Python language gradually and master the field like an expert. Python learning from FirstBit solutions equips you with the basics to advance skills. You can develop front-end, server-side, full stack of a website, application and software efficiently. 

    The Python training in Pune by FirstBit Solutions is popular among students because of its tailored courses, guidance from industry experts, and 100% placement assistance. The FirstBit Solutions Python course is top-rated in Pune and the PCMC area. Students from the top Python classes in Pune are placed at high-paying positions in the excellent companies of Pune, Bengaluru, and other major Indian cities and abroad.  

    The Python course offered by FirstBit Solution covers various significant concepts and lessons of the language, such as Classes, Objects, Variables, Constructors, Threads, etc. It also includes popular frameworks of Python like Django, CherryPy, Bottle, Flask, Web2Py etc. Moreover, the course also comprises learning how to use libraries in the Python programming language. 

    With the FirstBit Solutions Python training program, you can learn Python programming in the best possible way. Take the opportunity to learn the programming language Python from basic to advanced level. 

    FirstBit Solution is located at FC Road, Pune, Maharashtra. The training center is easily accessible from Pimpri Chinchwad, Shivaji Nagar, Hinjewadi, Katraj, Kharadi, Khadaki, Baner, Aundh, Viman Nagar, Karve Nagar, Kothrud, and Hadapaspar by Bus, Metro, auto-rickshaw and private vehicle. FirstBit solution is among the best Python classes in Pune near you. So, you don't need to worry about your IT training and advancing your Python skills. 

    Why Choose Python Training in Pune?

    Pune is one of the emerging IT hubs in Maharashtra, and India. After Bengaluru, Pune can be considered the 2nd IT hub of India. With several national and international companies, Pune has job opportunities and excellent institutes to learn IT skills. Choosing Python training in Pune can be your best decision. The city creates a healthy competitive environment to learn new skills and achieve success in it. In Pune, Python is also among the most demanded programming languages. Multiple companies are here serving the IT requirements of stakeholders. 

    Python is a fundamental yet crucial programming language that works with machine learning, article intelligence, data analytics, business intelligence, etc. Python training opens the doors in development fields and to more such fields now in trends like data science, data analytics, business analytics, AI & ML, etc. In Pune, you can get a job quickly with FirstBit placement assistance. Moreover, there are various companies with vacancies for Python experts. You can find entry-level, mid-level and expert-level job opportunities in these companies. 

    Considering Pune as your Python training centre can be fruitful for both learning and getting placement in and out of the city. The certification for Python obtained from Pune-based FirstBit Solutions is accepted worldwide. Moreover, in the town, you can find industry experts with many years of experience in the real world providing you with training in programming languages like Python, Java, C++, etc.  

    ✅Widely Accepted Certifications

    ✅Easy Placements 

    ✅Maximum Opportunities 

    ✅Learning Environment

    ✅Experts Guidance 

    Tired of finding an IT training institute in Pune that can assure you an IT job? Choose FirstBit!

    Since Pune is a hub of IT jobs and training, it becomes confusing which institute to select that not only offers learning and guidance but also assures you an IT job. So, you can invest in learning the crucial skills without worrying about the outcomes. Your dedication and focus on learning will let you grasp the concept quickly. FirstBit Solutions understands it and provides placement assurance to you. 

    FirstBit Solutions believes in "Skills Jhan, Placement Whan"; at the institute, your skills will be nourished in the best possible way, assisting you in getting the job in your desired company. At Firstbit, You also receive expert guidance for interviews, placement calls, and guidance throughout your placement. To date, almost all the FirstBit students are placed. The Firstbit solution has a dedicated placement cell that acts as the bridge between students and IT companies. Candidates from this training Institute have secured their jobs in top companies like WNS, BirlaSoft, Delaplex, Ember, etc. 

    Mode of Class Online/ offline

    At FirstBit Solutions, you can get both online and offline classes. If you're willing to manage your learning in hybrid mode, you can get offline and online courses. Moreover, if you want to learn Python skills online, you can enrol in a virtual Python class in Pune with the FirstBit Solution. All the study modes are focused on providing you with the best Python classes in Pune, so you gain in depth Python knowledge.  

    What is included in the Python Training in Pune?

    Course Highlights

    ✔100% Placement assistance

    ✔First 30 hours demo class

    ✔Minimum duration 4 months

    ✔Course fee Rs. 11, 800/- (including GST)

    ✔ Unlimited placement calls 

    Python Training Course Syllabus - Python Fundamentals 

    Core Python 

    • Programming Basics

    • Python OOPs Concepts

    • Python Data Structure

    • Modules and Packages

    • Exception Handling

    • File Handling

    • Regular expressions

    • Multithreading

    • Tkinter GUI Toolkit

    • SQL, PL/SQL using MySQL

    • Database Connectivity using Python

    • Case Study

    Data Analysis 

    • Numby

    • Pandas

    • Matplotlib and Seaborn 

    Additional Training

    • Aptitude

    • Soft Skills

    • Web Programming

    • Operating Systems

    • Software Engineering

    • Online Lab Assistance

    • Project Assistance

    • C and C++ Session Recordings

    Why should you Join FirstBit Python Training in Pune?

    1. Skill-based Training  

    The FirstBit solution aims to enhance candidates' skills so they can succeed. Hence, Python training provided by the institute is mainly focused on increasing your skills.   

    2. Affordable Course

    FirstBit solutions offer the "quality of Apple at the price of Android". The well-tailored Python course fee offered by FirstBit Solutions is affordable. 

    3. Expert Faculties

    All the faculty members at Firstbit Solutions are experts in their fields with years of experience. Their expertise nourishes your skill to its full potential. 

    4. Lab training sessions

    FirstBit Solutions not only provides theoretical learning but also allows you to gain practical learning with the lab sessions at the centre. 

    5. Life-time access to course material 

    Once a FirstBit student is always its student, you can access the institute's course material for lifetime even after completing the course placement. 

    6. Widely Accepted Certification 

    By the end of Python training, you will receive a certificate. The certificate is accepted all across the globe.

    7. Placement Assistance 

    FirstBit Solutions has a dedicated placement cell that provides students with an environment to prepare for the interview, support with placement calls, and more. 

    Job Roles after Python Training in Pune

    • Python Application developer 

    • Python Automation developer

    • Full stack developer 

    • Python Software developer

    • Senior Python engineer 

    • Data Analyst

    • ML/AI Engineer

    • Systems Engineer 

    Who can join the Python Training in Pune?

    • College students willing to learn

    • IT professionals looking to upskill.

    • Recent graduates from any educational background.

    • Candidates who want to switch their career from non-IT to IT. 

    Our Students are placed in top IT companies.


    1. What are Python course fees in Pune?

    FirstBit Solutions offers Python courses at affordable prices, i.e. Rs. 10,000/- for Python Fundamentals and Rs. 15,000/- for Python Full Stack Development. 

    2. Can I learn Python in 3 months?

    Yes, with dedication and focus, you can learn Python in 3 months. However, you should give atleast between 4 to 6 months to learn the language efficiently. 

    3. Is Python a high-paying skill?

    Python is among the highest paying skills. The minimum salary of Python developers starts with 4 LPA and goes up to 9 LPA in India. 

    4. Is Python enough to get a job?

    Python is among the most-demanded programming languages. Hence, you can get a job with it, if you possess excellent skills. However, to perform your task effectively in your IT job, you can consider learning add-on skills. For instance; statistics and mathematics if you want to be a data analyst. 

    5. Is it challenging to learn Python? 

    Python is considered among the easiest programming languages. It is easy to write and read; hence, you can learn it conveniently. 




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  • Duration4 month Minimum
  • Hours Free-
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Lab AssistanceYes
  • Project AssistanceYes
  • CertificateYes
  • icon Thumb Placement Assistance100%
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